Change Payer Index on Posted Insurance EOB

When an insurance payment has been posted to the incorrect payer index (for example, the payment was posted as a secondary but it should have been posted as a primary payer), use the instructions below to change the payer index on the posted insurance EOB.

Tip: Once you change payer index, you cannot make any other changes to the EOB. If you need to make changes to the EOB (such as correcting how a payment is applied, changing a contractual adjustment, etc), first update only the payer index and Save. Then re-select Correct Payment and make the additional changes. If you attempt to change the payer index while you are making any other EOB corrections, you will get an error message.

  1. Log in to INSIGHT Billing.
  2. On the Accounts tab, use the drop down arrow to select the name of patient.

  1. Select the Claims Detail tab and click the + sign next to the claim that needs to be corrected to expand the claim detail.
  2. Right click the line that needs to be corrected and select Make Payment Correction.

  1. Once the EOB Allocation Details window opens, right click the Payer Index column, select Change Payer Index to... option, click the payer index and choose the appropriate payer index.

  1. Click Save.
  2. You will see one of the following payment note prompts below. Add or edit the note as needed.

Once you click OK or Close, the note prompt closes and you are automatically returned to the Claims Detail tab. The claim detail now lists the EOB twice, once for the original EOB posting, and the other line for the updated payer index.

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