How Insight Billing Works

Insight Billing is an integrated companion module to Insight EMR; data from EMR is sent to Billing once a therapist has signed off on documentation. No data re-entry is required to move charges seamlessly through the billing cycle if all of the information needed to process the charge was entered correctly in Insight EMR. When a charge gets "stuck" at any point in the billing cycle, it is usually a setup issue. Was all the necessary client information added? Were all the necessary charges added to the fee schedule? Was the payer set up correctly? Taking the time to think through these setups will help your clinic send claims faster and maximize potential revenue.

Use Insight Billing to process charges, manage claims, post payments, create deposits, work outstanding A/R, and report on the financial health of your practice. With Insight Billing you can:

  • Track daily work assignments easily by creating automated reminders.
  • Find missing data required by payers.
  • See details about any transaction with only a few clicks. A/R aging reports show not only which accounts need working, but why.
  • Submit paper and electronic claims, as well as custom statements, all from a single submission point.
  • Resolve claims quickly using line item claim resubmission.
  • Submit claims and post electronic payments that are fully HIPAA-compliant.
  • Manage multiple clinic billings simultaneously with remote management capabilities.
  • The image below illustrates how charges move though the system. Click on the image below to learn more.

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