Add ICN/DCN Numbers to EDI Claims

ICN/DCN numbers help payers track claims and are listed on the payer EOB. If there has been a correction to a claim that needs to be resubmitted and the payer wants the ICN/DCN from the posted explanation of benefits you may need to submit the claim as a Replacement of Prior Claim or if the claim is invalid you may need to resubmit the claim as Void/Cancel Prior Claim. You will need to check with your payer to determine what is required. If the payer response came in via ERA, the ICN/DCN number will already be populated. Use the instructions below to add the ICN/DCN number to the EDI file.

Note: Most clearinghouses require an ICN/DCN to be attached when using either of these options.

  1. Log in to Insight Billing.
  2. From the Claims tab, find the claim you would like to resubmit.
  3. Double click the claim to open the Claim Editor.
  4. Click the Claim Ops button and select CMS-1500 ICN/DCN.
  5. At the Claim Information window, enter the ICN/DCN number for the primary, secondary, or tertiary payer, as needed.
  6. Click OK to return to the Claim Editor window.
  7. Click Save & Close to return to the Claims tab.

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