Void a Claim

When considering whether or not to void a claim, use these guidelines to help you determine if voiding is necessary.

Scenario What to do
Billing rule change Void the entire claim. Then submit the updated claim as a Void/Cancel Prior Claim.
Claim was created in error Void the entire claim, do not reprocess.
A different therapist signature is needed First un-sign and re-sign the visit, then void and reprocess the entire claim.
Therapist has updated patient documentation Void the individual charge(s). Then submit the updated claim according to the payer's corrected claim policy.
Remove a CPT code from the claim Void the individual charge(s). Submit the updated claim according to the payer's corrected claim policy.
Primary payer changed and the new payer uses the same billing rule as the old payer

Do not void the claim. Update the client's payer information and resubmit the claim.


Primary payer changed and the new payer uses a different billing rule as the old payer

Void the entire claim and reprocess the charges. Submit a new claim.


When looking at the patient's account information on the Accounts F7 tab, any claims that have been voided, but not reprocessed, have a state of Deleted. Claims that have been voided and reprocessed will show the original lines of service with a $0.00 billed amount and a payer index of 0 in the Claim Editor.

Void Claims in the Claims F4 Tab

This option should be used when it is necessary to void all charges on a claim.

  1. Log in to INSIGHT Billing.
  2. From the Claims F4 tab, select the claim to void and click Void.
  3. Select one of three options to void the claim.
    • Void Selected Claims voids the claim without reprocessing charges.
    • Void and Reprocess Charges on the Selected Claims voids and reprocesses the claim under the original claim number, and automatically moves the claim to Billable status.
    • Void Selected and Reprocess Charges voids the original claim and moves the charges back to the Charges F3 tab to be re-posted under a new claim number.
  4. Click Yes to confirm you would like to void the selected claims.

Void Charges in the Claim Editor

This option should be used when it is necessary to void one or more lines of service, but not the entire claim.

  1. In INSIGHT Billing, open the Claim Editor within either the Claims F4 or Accounts F7 tab.
  2. For each charge that you would like to void, select the drop down arrow in the Action column and choose Void.
  3. Click Save & Close.

Note: When voiding lines of service in the Claim Editor you will not have the option to automatically reprocess charges.

Voiding a claim will delete all payment information applied to that date of service, or line or service if you are not voiding the entire claim. Payments must be reapplied to voided lines of service after the claim is reprocessed.

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