Upload Electronic Claims

Electronic claim files are saved in a folder on your computer or network drive. These files are then uploaded either to a clearinghouse, like Waystar (formerly Zirmed), or these files may submitted directly to the payer via a modem connection. When claims are submitted to a clearinghouse, the clearinghouse checks the claims for errors and then forwards them to the payer. Before you can create or upload electronic files to a clearinghouse, you need to have the proper claim file folders created on your computer. You will have different folders depending on who the claim files will be sent to. If you are uploading claims directly to a payer, you will need to have the proper modem installed on your computer prior to creating or uploading electronic files.

Tip: You can view which clearinghouse claims will go to by viewing the payer settings. Go to the Edit Payer profile for the payer and select the General Billing tab, the clearinghouse will be shown in the Trading Partner field.

Uploading Waystar Claim Files

The majority of electronic claims are uploaded to Waystar (formerly Zirmed). Claims should be uploaded to Waystar as soon as Billing has completed processing your claim files. To upload claim files to Waystar:

  1. Log in to Waystar (formerly Zirmed).
  2. Enter your User Name and Password
  3. Click Log in.
  4. Click Prof Claims if you are sending CMS-1500 or Institutional Claims if you are sending UB-04.
  5. Click Batches.
  6. Enter a name for your batch in the Batch Name field typically your company name & date, for example: company11132009.
  7. Click Browse to find the file that you want to upload.
  8. Click Open to add file to Waystar.
  9. Click Go to upload batch.

For further information on working rejections and Waystar claim processing, click the Customer Support Center link on the Waystar website. If you make corrections to claims in Waystar, you must correct the issue in Insight Billing to prevent the same error from recurring on future claims.

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