Research Claims

What is the Research Claims window

The Research Claims window allows you to use one or more of the parameters below to search for a claim.

  • Patient name
  • Payer
  • Claim status
  • Service date
  • Claim version date
  • Claim balance

How is the Research Claims button different than the Filter or Locate a Claim button?

The Research Claims button allows you to search for a claim based on the parameter you have set, regardless of which category the claim is currently sitting in.

The Filter button displays only the rows of data that meet the specific criteria you have set based on which category is currently active.

The Locate a Claim button requires you to know the specific claim number you would like to view claim detail information and opens directly in the Claim Editor.

Can I use a filter while in research mode?

No. If you are currently using a filter, the filter is NOT applied when you are researching claims. Once you click on any category on the left, you leave research mode and the filter previously used is reapplied.

How do I find a claim?

  1. Log in to Insight Billing.
  2. Select the Claims tab.
  3. Click the Research button.
  4. From the Research Claims window, enter at least one parameter.
  5. Claims matching the criteria entered now display. Use any of the buttons above to perform an action on the claim(s) selected.
  6. Once you have used any of the action buttons, the research parameters are removed and the blue bar indicating you were in research mode disappears. You can also click any category on the left at any time to leave research claims mode and remove the research parameter previously entered.
  7. Double click any row to see detailed information and work the claim as needed.

Note: A warning message displays if the more than 5,000 claims are found. You will need to narrow your search criteria.

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