Print Chart Notes with Claims

You can print the chart notes required to accompany paper claims at the same time the claim is printed. Use the instructions below to set up the payer correctly and print chart notes when claims are printed for the payer.

Tip: When you print a claim with multiple service dates, multiple versions of the chart note print. One for each date of service. You can also print chart notes from the Claim Editor.

To set up a payer to allow chart notes to be printed:

  1. Log in to Insight Billing or Insight EMR.
  2. Select Payers from the Edit menu.
  3. Click New Payer to set up a new payer or select an existing payer from the Payer drop-down list.
  4. From the General Billing Data tab, under Claims / Statements, check the option to Print Chart Notes With Paper Claims.
  5. Click Close and confirm you would like to save the changes made.

To print chart notes with a claim:

  1. Create a claim as described in How to Bill Claims.
  2. In the Create Bills dialog box, check the Process box next to the claims to print and next to the Chart Notes settings.
  3. Select the Print Format of the chart note (Claim Submission Documentation, Daily Progress Report, etc).
  4. Click OK. Chart notes print in the same order as their associated claim, for the date range appropriate for the claims being printed.

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