Claim Editor Window

The Claim Editor in INSIGHT Billing is used throughout the life cycle of the claim to research and identify problems, edit information, and perform actions. It also provides a payer ledger of chronological transactions about the claim and a ledger broken out by payer. Use it to add or edit specific charges on the claim and other information associated with the claim such as the patient, payer, and case information. The Claim Editor is accessible a variety of ways:

  • Double-click any row on the Claims tab.
  • On the Edit menu, click Claim and then type a claim number.
  • Click on the INSIGHT Billing toolbar and then type a claim number.
  • Press F12 and then type a claim number.

The Claim Editor displays the current claim by default. Use the drop-down arrow to select older versions of the claim to display.


Claim Editor window

Note: The Auto Claim Status and Last Updated fields are only visible to Auto-Status clients.

Claim Editor tabs

Information on the Claim Editor is organized into the following tabs:

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