Post Charges and Create Claims

Once a charge has been posted, it is counted as revenue. Charges cannot be unposted but they can be voided. Clinicient recommends including all charges for a specific date of service on one claim to avoid duplicate claim denials, which can occur when sending multiple claims for one date of service. If you are not ready to post all the charges for a specific date of service (for example, one charge has an error but others are ready to post), leave them all unposted until all charges are ready to be posted and turned into claims.

Tip: Once a charge has been posted, you can only edit modifiers and diagnosis information. To fix a charge that is determined 'bad', void the charge and manually add a charge with the correct information.

Follow the steps below to post a charge and create a claim.

Posting Charges

  1. Log in to INSIGHT Billing, select the Charges F3 tab.
  2. Select the type of form for which you would like to post charges: Unposted CMS or Unposted UB.
  3. Optional: Use the -/+ buttons to collapse a patient or charge you are not ready to post.
  4. Click the check box to select the charges you would like to post. Use the Select All button to post all charges.
  5. Click Post to process the rest of the charges. The charges will automatically move to the appropriate posted category.

Creating Claims

  1. In the Charges F3 tab, select the type of form you would like to create claims for: Posted CMS or Posted UB.
  2. Optional: Use the -/+ buttons to collapse a patient or charge you are not ready to create a claim for.
  3. Select Create Claims to create the claim and move it to Billable status on the Claims F4 tab.

Note: When creating claims, if multiple dates of service for a single patient are expanded the system will combine all expanded DOS onto one claim form. To create one claim per DOS, make sure that only charges for one DOS per patient are expanded before selecting Create Claims.

To Preview Claims

  1. From the Claims tab, double click any claim to select the specific claim to preview.
  2. Click Preview to preview a copy of the printed form or click Preview EDI to view the EDI file. A warning message displays if you attempt to preview the EDI for a paper claim.
  3. Click Save & Close to return to the Claims tab.
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