One-Click Claims

Once the chart notes for a visit have been signed, charges will be generated in Insight Billing and claims must be manually posted unless the One-Click Claims feature is turned on. One-Click Claims automates the creation and billing of claims in Insight Billing.

When the One-Click Claims feature is enabled, the system will hold a signed visit for a 24-hour period before automatically creating and billing the claim, and moving it to At Payer status. This 24-hour waiting period allows last-minute updates and corrections to be made to claim documentation. If corrections are made to a signed visit, the charges will be moved to the Unposted CMS or Unposted UB bucket in the Charges F3 tab and the claim must be posted and billed manually.

After the therapist un-signs the chart, charges held during the 24-hour waiting period can be viewed and edited in the Charges F3 tab of Insight billing, under the One-Click Delay bucket.

Note: After a visit is signed, charges will be automatically created in two-hour intervals. During the two-hour interval between the therapist signing the visit and charges being created, the charges will not be displayed in Insight.

If a visit is unsigned and re-signed, the 24-hour timer will not reset. However, any claims requiring corrections must be fixed before the claim can be billed.

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